Hung stud Devin

Sexy Tennessee boy Devin has been kicking around Las Vegas for awhile and all the glitz and glamor has given him a taste for stardom, so he’s ready to take his first steps into the gay porn world! He’s got a huge dick and a very nice butt, not to mention a cute face with a scruff of facial hair. Did I mention he’s got a massive cock? In this Gay Castings video update he takes the casting director’s own big cock in his mouth to get it good and hard before bending over to take every inch in his tight hole. That huge meatpole of his slams up and down as he rides that dick, moaning with pleasure until he cums all over himself from the sensations…I think this hottie is ready to be a star! Or at least go on the Vegas show circuit showing how he can use his wang as a baseball bat.

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