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Some guys just can't help being adorable, and Eddie falls squarely into that category...he has shown up at the Gay Castings studio to try his hand at the adult film industry and I just hope he doesn't get eaten alive...he's enthusiastic, cute as hell and has a nice body (and it doesn't hurt that he loves showing off on camera, too). Eddie gets stripped down and shows his beautiful ass and that nice medium-sized cock, getting touched and fondled by the casting director before Eddie drops to his knees and takes that big dick in his mouth for a nice long blowjob. The casting director has plans for that tight ass though so he bends the hot twink over the glass table and slides inside that hole, fucking him slow and deep which happens to be just how Eddie likes it! Soon he's pulling out and giving the new meat a little facial frosting with a big creamy cumshot to welcome him to the industry to finish up this hot video shoot.

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It's always exciting to hear the doorbell ring at the Gay Castings house; you never know what kind of guy will stroll in! You know he'll be gorgeous and sexy though, and Joseph definitely fits that bill...he has beautiful intense eyes, a great body and a fantastic big thick cock that he loves to show off! This hot amateur wastes no time in taking off the director's pants and grabbing his big cock with his hands and lips, sucking him until he's good and hard and ready to fuck that tight ass. Joseph bends over the glass table and gets penetrated from behind, but really loves flipping over onto his back and taking every inch deep in his pucker until he came all over himself from the excitement! This was so hot the director followed suit quickly, shooting his big creamy load all over that handsome face. Welcome to the industry, Joseph!

Jack wants excitement

Say hi to Jack, a California boy who was ready to spice up his life a little by hopping into the adult porn world by way of Gay Castings. He loves bottoming and was turned on by the idea of people watching him get down and dirty on a dick or three. Jack gave the casting director's big dick a nice tongue bath to get him good and hard before bending over and taking it hard from behind...soon he was so turned on he was shooting a massive load all over himself while his tight ass was crammed full of cock! The director followed suit shortly thereafter as he sprayed down Jack's cute face with a warm creamy load of his own to finish off this successful casting call.

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Missouri boy Shane

Shane has never done any casting calls before for the adult industry but today's his big day! He's heading out of Missouri and has dreams of big stardom in his eyes and dreams of a big cock in his ass...well, after today's Gay Castings videoshoot he'll have made at least one of those come true. Shane strips down and immediately takes the casting director's big cock in his mouth, blowing him and then riding that dick like the smooth pistons of a '69 Mustang hitting top gear on the highway. I see big things in this stud's future, and at the very least he's gotten to see how hot the gay porn world can be!